Greener Greens

by Maribelle

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Recorded in Aaron's room in Naperville, IL and burned to CDR with screen printed package. Each package was hand screened, cut, and assembled by myself with love.


released February 9, 2008



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Maribelle Chicago

Maribelle is an emo-punk band from Chicago. Members include E. Aaron Ross, Chris Mills, Patrick Lawlor, and Sarah Ross. 'With Teeth Sharp As Old Friends' was self-released in February of 2010, and is the first LP by the band. The second full-length, "Only An Impulse" is now available on CD through Drugged Conscience Records. ... more

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Track Name: Saving Grace
Base for a change of faith, and a loss of ons and offs. Babe, your saving grace and your offs and ons, often all I can count on. Too often. You're off and on. Too often.
Track Name: I've Got a Place
I've got a place down from your house six blocks where we can meet every Friday if you want, to be a part of something bigger than yourself. I know it's hard to put faith in someone else. All night friend of mine, I know you know why there are awkward goodbyes, pauses and sighs, and hard to defend states of mind.
Track Name: Finely Tuned
You are a finely tuned tattoo gun. I am a ballpoint pen, rusty mother fucking guitar string, tape motor and rubber band. You've got this poorly built tattoo gun, and I ain't got nothing on. Swimming between sheets you rub right off on me like some rusty mother fucking guitar string.
Track Name: Wake Me When We Get There
My dark skin it's been too long since we broke a sweat, wrestling with an ego and swearing off all apartments. So reach out on some Sunday or better yet, I'll stay over week days, shrug off this passing phase, we'll take the blue train.
Track Name: Solo Harmonics
All of my forms are forming before me and watching me cleverly unthink hypothesis. All of my forms are leaving me slowly and watching me quietly burn out on entry.
Track Name: Frozen
I saw you. Frozen where all great men end. I saw you. Knees bent in. Crumbling in awe, as the man down the hall and the repeater both scream I hear "help me, help me, help me". Oh god, help us all.
Track Name: Greener Greens
Anything to reach sweeter sights and wind on windmills sing "no monochromatic". Cause it's a long drive, patriotic country side, anything to make it all...make it mine.
Track Name: In a Swell of Realizations I Hope the Best is Yet to Come
Long time friend of mine, I know why there are awkward goodbyes, pauses and sighs, and hard to defend states of mind.