With Teeth Sharp As Old Friends

by Maribelle

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released February 10, 2010



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Maribelle Chicago

Maribelle is an emo-punk band from Chicago. Members include E. Aaron Ross, Chris Mills, Patrick Lawlor, and Sarah Ross. 'With Teeth Sharp As Old Friends' was self-released in February of 2010, and is the first LP by the band. The second full-length, "Only An Impulse" is now available on CD through Drugged Conscience Records. ... more

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Track Name: Right Around Now
Right around now I’m in a deep slump and I don’t how, but right around now I’m going to get out. Right around now my father is calling for his savior. Right around now there are some strangers I’d rather be with. Right around now I’m wondering where my men are. I’m wondering where my boys went. Where are you my boys? Where are you?

Right around now I’m building up to the death of an old me, and feeling the birth of a new me. Right around now Middle East meets Middle West. Right around now my brother is considering his options and not enjoying any of them, but I can hardly help him if I can’t help myself. Right around now right around now. Where are you my brother? Where are you? And where have all my boys gone, and do they know that I’m considering my options? Where are you my lover?
Track Name: My Insect Saviors
Pray for rain in teary eyes, and pockets full of termites that eat away at the construction of our worn and worried lives. Play that game that still relies on men we proudly should despise. While those who love us most are pushed farther back in line, but not too far from always on my mind.
Track Name: Grey Eyes
If I don’t know what is all around by now, there are obvious things wrong with me, and clearly some ways I still can’t compete. And I have been torn limb from limb by more not yous than I’d care to admit. Shamed as less than a man amongst men.

So if you come to greet me, if you come to see me, and stay well through the morning, and find you’ve come to need me, and miss those obvious things, and grey eyes turn to green, and blue eyes sigh a much needed cry of relief.
Track Name: With Teeth Sharp As Old Friends
In truth, there were times when my last nerve got tested, and it sometimes brought tyrants or intentional distance. But if sleeping beasts stay silent, and let us walk slowly by them then your family gets bigger and my family gets bigger.

If time has bittered us, or we found new love to lean on, then your ego got bigger and my ego gets bigger. Until sleeping beasts go roaming, casting shadows tall as buildings. As dark as they are frightening, as angry as unforgiving. With teeth sharp as old friends so I try to avoid them, and your family gets smaller and my family gets smaller.
Track Name: A Disappointment For Every Child
Grace was written on your face, and I’m alive with disdain. Ma, don’t I make you proud? Baby sister, I’m sorry.
Track Name: Please
Please don’t show me what I still can’t have, and I won’t be mad, or ask you to take it back.
Track Name: You Are Not My Brother
Praise to all of us for outlasting the lush and the loveless. If there’s no safety in numbers, or sanctuary somewhere, on the cusp of all we hold dear, or just the sum of our fears...(and) as rust builds upon rust, and dust settles on dust.

When all the glorious rebellions falter and fumble at best, and stutter and stall like the rest, and fall short with all they can offer us, and build upon rust upon rust.
Track Name: So Long Gone
So gone my honey babe. No regrets and no mistakes, and so afraid.
Track Name: The First Thing in Mind *[Download Only Track]
On the first of every month I give up at least one thing I'm sure of, and I find my way to some new blood, and trade in some old truths for some new ones.

Now I hope I ain't leavin' too early. Though I won't stay still for just anybody. While I sleep on the highway so soundly, I know not where I'll be come the morning.

So if home ain't the first thing in mind, and the road long and slow starts to wind. Until clementines touch your teeth and mine there's no knowing what strange fruits we'll find.

If while leaving I see what you see, and we reach for that budding orange tree. On the first you're still guaranteed loss of a serenade, as new blood finds its way to me.
Track Name: Aluminum
In pains of glass and aluminum, on sleeping bags in swimming suits we speak in tongues. With our backs against the wall and my logic come undone, young blood will rush in rivers to the places our fingers run.

And in time 1or 9 of my friends will come, and race to relay of tales unsung by the heat of the summer sun. If when the shaking begins we both accept the state we’re in, for a moment I’ll feel alright with you my friend.

Now propped up on some sculpted porcelain, I shiver and you bite your bottom lip. You’re somebody’s daughter I know I won’t bother to find out who that somebody is.
Track Name: Ode to a Former Lover
There’s something wrong with all of you. There’s something wrong with me. It’s only pride and simple minds, and keep this plague you breed. There’s no power in your violence, no strength within your steam. I’ll see you in the pit, my friend, where boys go to be men.

Now your age shows when you go to shows, and school don’t start back in the spring. Monday brings work to be done, and the weekend don’t mean that you’re leaving. Well there’s something wrong with all of you. There’s something wrong with me. There’s something wrong with where we are, and where we’re not going. And I’ll never figure him out, and I’ll never figure them out. No.
Track Name: So You've Found (With Friends Dull As Old Teeth)
So you’ve found a way to destroy the great nothingness, if nothing but a quick fix.

The kind that sneaks up behind you, and lays down beside you. And knows you won’t rename it like them, and knows you won’t deny them their friends, and knows you won’t rely on their next of kin. If we can stay gentle and always unspoken.